Why?The Indonesian national team coach informed that he would step down from the position of coach of the Indonesian national team if the Chairman of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan was forced to step down from his authority


A shocking confession was said by Shin Tae-yong. The Indonesian national team coach informed that he would step down from the position of coach of the Indonesian national team if the Chairman of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan was forced to step down from his authority.

In the last two weeks, Indonesian football has been beaten by sad news. More than 100 people died and several hundred others were injured in a bloody disaster at kanjuruhan stadium.

At the risk of this situation, PSSI acts as the parent organization of Indonesian football responsible for this event. One of the demands of several netizens was to corner Mochamad Iriawan and a row of PSSI administrators to resign from their authority.

Shin Tae-yong mentioned that Iwan Bule was told to step down from his authority, therefore he also resigned from the Indonesian national team. "The first time, I want to give a word of condolences for the kanjuruhan disaster in Malang," Shin Tae-yong wrote on his Instagram account a moment ago.

Want to Heal Wounds

Furthermore, the Coach of the Indonesian National Team mentioned that he was so sympathetic to this event. He and his club will do their best to help make the injury heal from indonesians.

"I am someone husband of wife and someone father of 2 children. I want to give full assistance to some of the victims and the families of the victims," the coach wrote.

"I want to give wishful thinking to all the injured Indonesians because of this opportunity even though my assistance cannot be a great capability for the families of the victims. My technique to give wishful thinking is to give good results by excelling in football that people like," he continued.

Also Retreat

Shin Tae-yong stated that he knew that Iwan Bule was last required to resign from his authority. So he felt that his workmate was withdrawing, therefore he had to withdraw from the Indonesian national team.

"A person who is most lurking in Indonesian football with a serious heart and provides full assistance from behind so that football can experience development is the Chairman of PSSI. In my opinion, if the Chairman of PSSI should be responsible for everything that takes place and resign myself, therefore I must also resign myself," he added.

"Because I think that if there is a mistake from a co-worker who cooperates with 1 club, therefore I also have a similar mistake. We are 1 club. Football cannot be successful if only 11 main players perform well, not only the coaching staff is good, we can achieve success when all become one club starting with the main players, mistresses, coaching staff, officials, all union workers are classified as Chairman," continued the coach from South Korea.

It is known that during the Kanjuruhan Election, there was a lot of emphasis that forced the Chairman of PSSI to step down.

Because the man who is commonly called Iwan Bule has personal responsibility for the death of several hundred victims in the disaster.

However, he stated that it became a sense of responsibility because of this he denied and focused on maintaining the interrogation of Petaka Kanjuruhan.

Similarly, the resignation pressure for Mochamad Iriawan to become the general chairman of PSSI was completed in Kanjuruhan. Iwan Bule - a close name for Mochamad Iriawan - was forced to step down because he was seen as responsible for the sad moment that killed many of these people.

The Kanjuruhan event took place after persebaya's version of the Arema FC match on October 1. As of Tuesday (11/10/2022), the number of deaths due to the incident at Kanjuruhan Stadium was up to 132 people.

Surprisingly, Shin Tae-yong gave a statement regarding this matter.

Through his personal Instagram site (@shintaeyong7777) he provided assistance to the Chairman of PSSI.

According to him, the change of the Indonesian national team as a cooperation of all parties is classified as important for the PSSI.


According to Shin Tae-yong, he sees it unfair that everything is wrongly bestowed against Shin Tae-yong. He mentioned that if he is a side of pssi, he must take responsibility for the situation.

"That's my football philosophy. Football is a sport that will not immediately win with only someone who is good at working," said the coach.

"I and the Indonesians can improve Indonesian football with the completion of my presence in Indonesia in 2020. This is an achievement or result made by several players, devotees and the Chairman of PSSI who appointed me," explained the 52-year-old coach.

"It is so unfortunate that all the responsibilities are directed towards the Chairman. He has improved indonesian football as a whole. It must also be possible to solve this situation well. 

I will try harder to make Indonesian football more advanced again. So in closing, again I want to say that I want to give full assistance to some victims, victims' families and all Indonesians." He pointed out.

Skedul Indonesian national team

Shin Tae-yong himself is again in Jakarta. He led the focusing of the Indonesia U-20 national team training.

In the near future, the coach and several Indonesian national team players will leave for Turkey and Spain to prepare for the 2023 U-20 Asian Cup and the 2023 U-20 World Cup.

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